Character Name: Serana, daughter of Alrin Nickname:
Species Miraluka Age: 90
Occupation Jedi Council Member Homeworld: Alpherides
Player Name: Lori Starting Points 8 Fate Points
Refresh Level 3 Fate Points Current Points 4 Fate Points


Miralukan Jedi Consular (Concept.) Serana has all the traits of a Miralukan, and the responsibilities and benefits of being a Jedi Master.
Not My Sith-Lord-Brother’s Keeper (Trouble.) Serana’s eldest brother has recently revealed his adherence to Sith teachings, and has taken the name Darth Nushuz.
Eldest Daughter of an Ancient House Though she has had to remove herself from the politics of her homeland, Serana’s noble bloodline can come in handy, especially with other Miraluka.
Avoiding Discords Like the Plague Like many Miraluka, Serana has a distaste, to the level of superstition, for discords. The human music style known as “jazz” is particularly disturbing.
Highly Respected Diplomat Serana’s experience lies more in the realm of diplomacy and ceremony than combat. She is fairly well-known among several interstellar nations, particularly the Andorian Empire and the Vulcan Protectorate.
Blind Leading the Sighted on Crusade Serana is a natural leader, though this may not work so well among cultures with no respect for Jedi.
Drowning in Darkness and the Rules Are My Raft Severely wounded by her brother’s assault, Serana’s Force powers are not as strong as they once were, and is suffering from the Miraluka version of PTSD. To cope, she clings to what she perceives as the rules in any situation. This also causes friction when she has to accept others breaking those rules, such as when she does not receive the respect entitled to a Jedi Master.

Stress and Consequences

Physical Stress O 1 Stress Mild Physical Consequence Unused
O O 2 Stress Moderate Physical Consequence Unused
Severe Physical Consequence Unused
Social Stress O 1 Stress Mild Social Consequence Unused
O O 2 Stress Moderate Social Consequence Unused
O O O 3 Stress Severe Social Consequence Unused
O O O O 4 Stress
Mental Stress X 1 Stress Mild Mental Consequence #1 Unused
X – 2 Stress Mild Mental Consequence #2 Unused
O O O 3 Stress Moderate Mental Consequence Unused
O O O O 4 Stress Severe Mental Consequence Unused

Skills: Short List

Superb Skills +5 Conviction Rapport
|_. Great Skills
+4 Discipline Lore
Good Skills +3 Empathy Presence
Fair Skills +2 Intimidation Weapons
Average Skills +1 Investigation Scholarship

Skills: Long List

Skill Bonus Adjective
Alertness +0 Mediocre
Athletics +0 Mediocre
Blasters +0 Mediocre
Contacts +0 Mediocre
Conviction +5 Superb
Deceit +0 Mediocre
Discipline +4 Great
Empathy +3 Good
Endurance +0 Mediocre
Engineering +0 Mediocre
Fists +0 Mediocre
Intimidation +2 Fair
Investigation +1 Average
Larceny +0 Mediocre
Lore +4 Great
Might +0 Mediocre
Performance +0 Mediocre
Piloting +0 Mediocre
Presence +3 Good
Rapport +5 Superb
Resources +0 Mediocre
Scholarship +1 Average
Stealth +0 Mediocre
Survival +0 Mediocre
Weapons +2 Fair


Experience of Age (Presence): Serana’s authority stems from her experience, and people can tell. When rolling to establish another’s reaction to her, she gains a +1 bonus. Further, when she uses Presence to command a group (page 137), she gains +1 on that effort.

Force User (-4)
You Know What You Know. While there are five areas of expertise when it comes to the Force (Alteration, Awareness, Energy, Influence, and Telekinesis), no two Jedi have the same strength in each. A full Jedi takes a -2 penalty to two areas of the Force. This penalty applies to both Conviction and Discipline when using that type of Force power. This penalty can be removed through the Refinement ability.
Specialization. Being a full Force-user allows you to specialize in one type of Force power. This takes the form of a +1 bonus to either strength (Conviction) or control (Discipline, or Weapons if it is a lightsaber power). Additional specialization can be obtained through the Refinement ability.


Serana is a member of a very prominent Miraluka noble family. Her father, Zumar, and her mother, Alrin, are the Miraluka equivalent of a duke and duchess, close to the royal family, and very influential in local and galactic politics. She has three brothers and four sisters, but Serana is the eldest, and is exceptionally strong in the Force, even for a member of a Force-sensitive race. When she was fourteen, she decided to join the Jedi Order, to the great surprise of her family.

Serana proceeded through the basic instruction at the Jedi Academy, and was then apprenticed to the very powerful Jedi Master Miag, and was instructed especially in the arts of diplomacy, politics, and persuasion. Due to her blindness, she never advanced through the ranks of the saber arts, although she maintained a satisfactory level of competency.

At the age of twenty five, she became a Jedi Knight, and continued her tutelage under Master Miag. Her advancement to the rank of Jedi Master occurred twelve years later, when she made a trip to Vulcan to study the teachings of Surak for research purposes. On her return trip from Vulcan, she found herself caught in the middle of a conflict between the Vulcans and Andorians as they fought over Weytahn, a strategically-located outpost between their two territories. Her ship was forced to dock at the outpost by the Andorian ships—the Andorians having assumed she was working for the Vulcans—and upon her arrival, she persuaded the two sides to allow her to negotiate their dispute. She succeeded in ending the violence on the outpost between the two parties. As a result of the positive outcome of this negotiation, she was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master, and succeeded in gaining a reputation among the Vulcans and Andorians, as well as slightly improving the perception the two races had of the Jedi Council.

Serana lived the next thirty-three years in relative peace, occasionally negotiating between parties, especially the Vulcans and Andorians, and spending much of her time researching other cultures in the Galaxy.

When she was sixty-nine, she experienced a very strong Force Vision, which allowed her to see the entrance of a new race into the Galactic community—the Terrans. She shared this information with the Jedi Council, and attempted to persuade them to prepare for such an event—researching this planet Earth and its culture—and to look into the possibility that the Terrans were a Force-sensitive people. If that was indeed the case, it would be the responsibility of the Council to instruct these Force-sensitive individuals, and prevent them from falling to the Dark Side and spreading that evil throughout the Galaxy as their people moved through it. Her requests were denied, based on her assertion that this was a future event, the lack of solid information about the planet, and the knowledge that even if the Terrans made contact with the other Galactic species, the Jedi Order would not have much opportunity to interfere. Serana could not persuade her fellow Council members, but she worked privately to learn as much as she could about the planet Earth and its inhabitants, without interfering in their culture. Most of her information was provided by the Vulcans, who had sent survey and research parties to Earth on numerous occasions.

The very next year, the Jedi Council received word that the Vulcans had been contacted by a race known as Terrans, proving the veracity of Serana’s vision. Because she had more knowledge about the Terrans, and was well respected among the Vulcans for her diplomacy, the Council sent her to observe some of the proceedings between the two races, but instructed her to allow the Vulcans to take charge, and not to insist upon anything as the Terrans and Vulcans worked through their own introductions.

Her observations continued periodically throughout the next twenty years. She did no more than observe the Terrans and Vulcans during their interactions with each other and some of the more prominent races of the Galaxy. Her peers in the Jedi Council were almost completely indifferent to the Terrans, most of them presuming that they were not a Force Sensitive race. Serana, however, insisted that the Terrans would soon discover their connection to the Force, and insisted that they be prepared for that occurrence. The current leader of the Council, Jedi Master Zhar Lestin, instructed her to keep such ideas to herself and to concentrate more on her job as an observer. She complied, but listened closely for any indication that the Terrans had discovered the Force.

Meanwhile, trouble was brewing on her homeworld. Her oldest brother, Jubilis, had always been a very ambitious man, and sought to use his position as the heir to a very powerful name and title to gain the Miraluka throne for himself. This might have been solved very simply, but Jubilis was also exceptionally Strong in the Force, more so than most other members of his race, and his sister, Serana. That power, combined with his ambition, led to his fall to the Dark Side, acquiring the name Darth Nushuz. The long life spans of the Miraluka allowed Jubilis to spend upwards of two decades plotting and scheming. Finally, he made his move against the Miralukan royal family, and caused chaos on his homeworld. Not long afterwards, the Jedi Council sent a number of Jedi, including Serana, to stop him.

Serana had always known about her brother’s ambition, but the distance separating them, as well as his own skill with the Force, allowed him to keep his true allegiance and plans from her. When she arrived on Alpherides, she was forced to confront her brother directly. The resulting battle was fierce, and Darth Nashaz’s skill with a lightsaber far surpassed Serana’s. She was struck down, and Nashaz used his abilities to sever Serana’s connection to the Force. Due to her own skill, his attack was only partially successful, but it allowed him to escape, and left Serana scarred—her ability to see her surroundings through the Force was seriously compromised. She returned to the Jedi Council, however, and concentrated on rebuilding her strength.

Only about a year later, she experienced another Force vision—all the more remarkable because it came to her in spite of her diminished powers. This one was very troubling, and it surrounded a Terran named Fae Schuster. It was obvious that she had suddenly become Force-sensitive, probably after a traumatic experience. Serana knew that if the girl was left untrained, her abilities would continue to manifest, and she would not be able to control them, posing a danger to herself and to others. She once again reported this to the Jedi Council, and this time, they believed her. All of the members had felt the disturbance in the Force at the awakening of Fae Schuster, and they agreed that the girl must be brought back to the Academy to be trained immediately. Given Serana’s extensive experience with Terrans, it was agreed that she should go to Earth to retrieve the girl.


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