Lt. Casimir Jasinski

Speak softly and carry a charged phaser.

Character Name: Lt. Casimir Jasinski Nickname: Cas
Species Terran Age: 24
Occupation Starfleet Officer Homeworld: Earth
Player Name: Lori Starting Points 10 Fate Points
Refresh Level 3 Fate Points Current Points 3 Fate Points


Starfleet is My Life (Concept.) Starfleet is all he has left, and he’s extremely loyal to the service.
Stone Face, Stone Heart (Trouble.) In fact, the only thing he trusts is the chain of command and the uniform.
Silence is Golden, So Shut Your Trap He won’t win any awards for being a great conversationalist.
Just One of Those Faces If he doesn’t draw attention to himself, people tend to forget he was there.
Pick a Star, Any Star Highly skilled at cartography, navigation, and piloting.
Fastest Phaser in the Quadrant He believes open conflict with one or more alien races is inevitable, and he’s been practicing.
Computers Are My Only Friends He’s good at anything related to computers, from research to hacking, including alien versions.

Stress and Consequences

Physical Stress O 1 Stress Mild Physical Consequence Unused
O O 2 Stress Moderate Physical Consequence Unused
O O O 3 Stress Severe Physical Consequence Unused
O O O O 4 Stress
Social Stress O 1 Stress Mild Social Consequence Unused
O O 2 Stress Moderate Social Consequence Unused
Severe Social Consequence Unused
Mental Stress O 1 Stress Mild Mental Consequence Unused
O O 2 Stress Moderate Mental Consequence Unused
Severe Mental Consequence Unused

Skills: Short List

Superb Skills +5 Investigation Scholarship
Great Skills +4 Athletics Blasters
Good Skills +3 Alertness Endurance
Fair Skills +2 Piloting Discipline
Average Skills +1 Deceit Engineering

Skills: Long List

Skill Bonus Adjective Extras
Alertness +3 Good Paranoid? Probably
Athletics +4 Great
Blasters +4 Great
Contacts +0 Mediocre
Conviction +0 Mediocre
Deceit +1 Average
Discipline +2 Fair
Empathy +0 Mediocre
Endurance +3 Good
Engineering +1 Average
Fists +0 Mediocre
Intimidation +0 Mediocre
Investigation +5 Superb
Larceny +0 Mediocre
Lore +0 Mediocre
Might +0 Mediocre
Performance +0 Mediocre
Piloting +2 Fair
Presence +0 Mediocre
Rapport +0 Mediocre
Resources +0 Mediocre
Scholarship +5 Superb
Stealth +0 Mediocre
Survival +0 Mediocre
Weapons +0 Mediocre


Navigator (Piloting)
  • Casimir’s Piloting skill is never treated as Mediocre when navigating a system he with which he is unfamiliar.
Calm Blue Ocean (Discipline)
  • Casimir gains +2 on Discipline rolls to keep emotions in check.
Pin Them Down (Blasters)
  • When using the Aim action, any aspect Casimir places on a target cannot be removed without that target leaving the zone.
  • Any attempt to leave the zone faces a border 1 level higher as long as Casimir continues to make Blasters attacks agains that target.
Quick Eye (Investigation)
  • When actively gathering details about a scene, Casimir arrives at his findings two time increments faster.
Paranoid? Probably. (Alertness)
  • +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise. (Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible alien about to eat your face.)
Scientist (Scholarship)
  • +1 on rolls relating to stellar cartography
  • +2 total when dealing with navigation.
Target-Rich Environment (Blasters)
  • +1 on Blasters attacks when personally outnumbered in a firefight.

Lt. Jasinski was a very typical Starfleet officer, enlisted immediately after college, where he studied stellar cartography, in addition to many other sciences (physics, mathematics, basic engineering). His minor was in sociology, mostly because he enjoyed it as a hobby, not as an actual life skill. He was very intelligent, picking up math and science much more rapidly than most (not a prodigy, by any means—simply intelligent and interested in those fields). His education allowed him to progress easily through the Academy Science program, where he earned the rank of Lieutenant, and had sufficient knowledge to serve as a competent science officer at any Starfleet post. His specialty in stellar cartography earned him an off-Earth post at a nearby starbase, where his talents would be appreciated and put to better use.

His personality was reserved—he was shy of strangers, preferring his work to the company of others—and he generally used as few words as possible to convey what he was thinking. That, in addition to his intelligence, gave him a tendency towards arrogance, or at the very least, the appearance of it. He did not have friends—merely acquaintances. He was, however, close to his family in Poland (parents, and two sisters).

When Starfleet was informed that a highly respected Jedi Master was coming to Earth to retrieve a young girl named Schuster, and would require a Starfleet escort back to the mysterious Jedi Enclave, Lt. Jasinski’s superiors approached him with a special assignment. He was to observe and report on the Jedi at their Enclave, and make additions or corrections to the existing Starfleet stellar cartography charts, based on any information the Jedi were willing to share. Lt. Jasinski accepted the assignment, and was immediately transferred to the USS Enterprise, to await the arrival of the mysterious Jedi and her new Terran apprentice.

Lt. Casimir Jasinski

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