Fae Shuster

Character Name: Fae Nickname:
Concept: Jedi Apprentice Species Terran
Player Name: Olivia Homeworld: Earth


(Text to be entered by player.)

Primary Attributes:

Attribute Die Size Attribute Die Size
Agility Natural quickness d4 Alertness Keeping an eye out d6
Strength Muscle power d4 Intelligence Raw brainpower d8
Vitality Toughness d6 Willpower Strength of mind d10

Hit Points: 16

  • #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Wound Points
  • #16 #15 #14 #13 #12 #11 #10 #09 #08 #07 #06 #05 #04 #03 #02 #01 Stun Points

Current Plot Points: 6

Advancement Points:
  • Total Received: 2
  • Unused: 2
Force Points:
  • Maximum: 22
  • Current: 22

Secondary Attributes

Secondary Attribute Primary #1 Primary #2 Dice Value
Reflexes Agility Alertness d4 + d6
Fortitude Vitality Willpower d6 + d10
Force Strength Willpower Force Sensitive trait d10 + d6


  • English
  • Galactic Basic
  • Latin
  • Vulcan
Base Skill Die Specialty Die Related Trait Die
Athletics d6
Dodge d8
Fencing d8 Talented Fencer d8
Force d6
Flow d8
Telepathy d8
Influence d6
Conversation d8
Streetwise d8
Knowledge d6
Melee Weapons d6
Lightsabers d8
Swords d10
Ranged Weapons d4

Force (3)

Melee Weapons (3): Lightsaber (1), swords(2)
Ranged weapons (2)
Influence (3): Conversation (1), Streetwise (2)


Educated Rank 4 (d8)

  • Fae adds her trait die to any Knowledge skill roll when she tries to recall some information (though not when acting upon that information). See Skills for a list of applicable skills.

Force Sensitive Rank 3 (d6)

  • Fae gains access to the Force skill and its specialties, can select Force powers, and gains a Force point pool equal to the maximum result of her Alertness, Willpower, and Force Sensitive dice. Fae’s maximum Force points are currently 22.
  • Once per day, Fae can enter a meditative trance for ten minutes to regain d6 Force points.

Talented Fencer Rank 4 (d8)

  • Fae has a remarkable skill at all forms of the Western-style sport of fencing, including foil, epee, sabre, and full rapier. She adds her trait die to all Athletics/Fencing tests.
  • Due to the similarities involved, Fae’s training comes in handy in some life-or-death situations. With an appropriate weapon, she can add her trait die to Melee Weapons/Swords tests. Maybe she could even find a lightsaber of the right design, gaining a bonus to Melee Combat/Lightsabers and all lightsaber-related Force powers.
  • When holding an appropriate weapon, Fae may spend a plot point to add her trait die to Dodge or blocking tests against melee attacks. This may be done after knowing the result of the attack, but before rolling her defensive test.


Argumetative Rank 2

  • Fae doesn’t have an anger-management problem; she just prefers to solve her problems with violence. She finds it difficult to walk away from insults and taunts, and she’s usually ready for a fight at the slightest provocation.
  • If there’s even a hint of tension, Fae also suffers a -4 penalty on all peaceable social actions.

Nosy Rank 2

  • Fae has always had a nose for trouble, usually because she asks one too many questions. A locked door is an invitation, and a mystery just begs to be solved.
  • When Fae becomes aware of a new or recent mystery, she may take a -4 penalty to mental and social actions when trying to focus on anything else.

Rebellious Rank 2

  • Fae doesn’t like authority that she doesn’t feel is truly superior. Generally this means that if it isn’t her parents or the Roman Catholic Church, she’s going to look for ways to buck the system.
  • As a consequence, Fae suffers a –4 penalty to certain actions, such as when forced to follow express orders she doesn’t agree with or simply when interacting with a superior of any kind.

Trauma Rank 2

  • Fae’s connection to the Force is stong but chaotic, especially when it involves her talent for visions of distant places and future events. These visions can occur seemingly at random, and Fae has yet to learn how to deal with the onslaught.
  • Once per game chapter, some trigger (determined by the GM) will cause Fae to have a vision and suffer a traumatic flash. These episodes leave her incoherent, shaking, and possibly screaming — rendering her incapable of action for d2 turns and causing her to suffer a –4 penalty on all actions for ten minutes following the flash.

Fae Shuster

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